Sunday, June 7, 2009


..the wily contender...

How swiftly does time fly,
with every passing day,
however hard I may try,
can I change its way?

Out of my hands the grains slip,
slowly on their own accord,
quickly,as I tighten my grip,
Stop it..i beg you,Lord….

Let me live,some more,
the moments I relish,
with those whom I adore,
whose memories I will cherish…

For the time if it passes,
Will never return to me,
Upon plunging itself into the abyss,
Of the limitless eternity.

Indeed how helpless is man.
for, the time always wins,
leaving behind,after a span,
a lifetime of warts and chagrins…..


  1. you know what?? you were being overmodest, not me. . .

  2. arre yaar kya baat karte ho....not as talented as u r ...

  3. Really nice topic...n very well put... many a times have I wanted to go back in time n relive the past..but that just can't happen... that's why I say Love Each Day, and Enjoy every moment of ur life, for it's never gonna come back again...

  4. nice.. especially the flow.. :-)