Monday, June 1, 2009

The day i met myself.....

Oh!What a lovely day it was,
my heart sang cheerfully because,
everything looked rosy and bright beyond,
power,comforts and of all things I was fond,
all were mine….thoughts soared high,
I knew..I could touch the sky!..

There was a tap at my door,quite unheralded,
I opened and stared….indeed very startled.
Before me stood a stranger,I did not know,
Was it an apparition ,some ghastly shadow?
Stranger said-“Friend,don’t you know me?...
I,your own self…how inseperable were we..
Back then,you were so frank and prudent,
till your fate and pride played truant,
and you betrayed me and went away,
chasing the mammon-with whom I had a fray.
We looked so alike then…but now..
your face looks haggard with puckered brow.
Now ..your false hawklike eyes are cold,
that warmth,that glow at hrad to behold…
how ignorant you are towards the plight,
of your ilk-you believe that “might is right”….
You feel that you are God,
who can change things with a nod.
Wealth,fame,ego-beckoning you like a mirage,
have made you vain and selfish by and large.
You speak only to appease others,
your pride is the only thing that matters,
slow down,before its too late, O friend,
What will you answer God ,in the end?”

I stamped in rage,threatening a fisticuff,
and then,in a hurry, left in a huff.
But his words had surely impaled my heart,
in some way or the other had exposed the wart.
Now the plush room seemed like a cage,
and I was reminded of the age-old adage:
“Money can give you a house but not a home…
bed but not sleep”-had read in a book in the tome.
That day,no sweet-talks,no pretexts I made,
I cared not a bit what the people said,
I helped the needy who came my way,
and had my fill of the fresh breeze at the bay.
When I returned home,tired and worn out,
I didn’t find my friend about.
Hamstrung and sad,when I went to my room..
almost sure of my imminent doom…
as I faced the mirror near the rack,
my self,my dear old friend smiled back!!

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