Friday, May 29, 2009

A Commune With Divinity...

A dialogue with the Almighty...

One evening , watching the rose-dyed pinkish sky,
slowly being swallowed by the night in the offing,
in me there arose a sudden urge for questioning,
“God , why do all things have to die?”…….

“Why is it that the mighty citadel,
standing tall and proud, seemingly impregnable,
someday has to bite the dust and crumble,
with nature and mortals assisting the vandal?”...

“Why does the exotic flower in full bloom,
after some days shrinks and withers away,
just like youth in its vibrancy so gay,
gives way to aging-when greyness starts to loom?”....

“Why do our footprints on the sands in the shore,
get washed away by the frothy waves,
which come and go, as the sea raves,
leaving no trace whatsoever of things from the yore?"...

“Why oh,why..does everything mundane,
one day or the other has to meet its end,
like we mortals-touted to be ‘God-send’,
meet death someday-peacefully or with pain?”…..

God at once replied-“It’s a rule of life, my dear,
a virtuous cycle infusing great novelty,
‘coz the earth’s veins crave for vitality,
every minute, of a day, in a year.”

“So that the new gush of blood in the earth does renew,
the hopes of a much better world to live in,
with that tweaking in the ephemeral life’s din,
for the old order always changeth to yield place to the new”……..

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