Thursday, May 28, 2009

attempts @poetry


It was like a slow fuse in the act of exploding,
a barrel of gunpower…making everything in its wake worth nothing…
The sound of the whipping of the winds a lash,
Making all and sundry….pray for it to be not too harsh…
The diabolic wind swept morosely through the place,
Slaughtering everything mortal coming its way..devoid of any grace..
leaving them to die wretchedly and lie rotten or bloating in the water,
Without even a shroud-save the gloomy dark sky as shelter.
For even those who were spared by fortune,
the wind had left everything rummaged up in a dune,
of dead kins to mourn for,
only tears, wails and corpses in store….
It was like a war in which both the victorious and the vanquished,
are crushed ,after the little friction turned-blast exploded and got them annihilated.
As, so did the innocent dead,
fight with the ill-gotten fate to which they were sentenced,
before the coldness of eternity overcame them,
only their silence to sing a ghastly requiem,
of their struggles to save dear life,
which was as in vain as the cut of a blunt knife.
After an unlimited destruction wrought on us, even the wind,
Died away imminently…died the death of a ruthless fiend..
Leaving them again to the mercy of God and fate,
In a numb indifferent state…..
It was indeed the Dusk of the Gods…
Their hardness towards their plight…the “great” almighty……..

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