Thursday, May 28, 2009

attempts @poetry


Reminiscences of my childhood keeping rushing forth in my mind-some fresh..some perished…..
Oh those small innocent precious moments ,I have always cherished,
But alongside them, the thoughts of the childhoods less fortunate,
By way of my thoughts ,in my mind emanate.
Of those childhoods which have been devoid,
Of rights ,making ‘happiness’ sound perfectly void..
Their breaths snatched away from some with unabashed brutatlity,
Even before they could come to the world as an entity.
Or that childhood which lived for an iota without a name,
And died wretchedly with its owner –bearing the same anonymity with which it came.
Of that childhood led in the abominable apparition,
Of obliquy and prostitution..
The larcerated youngs minds struggling in multitude,
Some with non-existent disposition but some with a languor of fortitude.
But till when can this courage survive,
With the slow gait childhood is allowed to thrive?
The circumstance coupled with the ruthless world,
Bent upon destroying the very innocence of childhood at its lithe mould…
This unanswered query which faces,
Every heart that grimaces,
The rigors experienced by countless lives,
Simply marauded with invisible knives.

My tribute to these less fortunates,
And a prayer to God, never to scourge a child to such a state……

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