Thursday, May 28, 2009

straight from the heart.....

A Loving Letter…..

Dear Ma, how are you??...long time!!..
dreamt about you and Pa last night,
our trio together in a plush mansion sublime,
against the backdrop of hills, poppies..’neath the morning sun bright….
Savouring every moment as if it were the last,
With the hands of the clock never ticking fast…

Upon waking up,I found my room still and empty,
bringing to my mind the emptiness in your life,
wrought on your heart that is so so dainty,
ever since I came out here, where the rains are rife,
reminding me of the tears streaming down your eyes,
missing me every moment….now lies!!!

I heard you crying silently that night in your room,
the following day I was supposed to set out,
even Pa’s puffy eyes betrayed …anxiety and gloom,
worries about his little gal had kept him pacing about.
That morning when I left, you cried like your heart would break,
For the first time showing the weakling in you-all for my sake.

Alas..why has it dawned upon me-now of all the times bygone,
That how kind and nice God has been to me,
that to such caring and wonderful parents, I was born.
Tell Pa,I miss his strong shoulders-like the boughs of a tree,
always there to cry on when something went awry,
terribly missing you ma-our long chats-when there was no need to hurry.

'Coz the place where I stay is a very busy one,
there is no time for heart-to-heart talks like ours.
Though you would have been proud,had you known,
how matured your gal has turned in dealing with chores,
of making world a better place to live in…and
having pledged to make everyone’s future on earth grand!!

Now for some confession-even I had cried ,
till dawn that night-feigning that some particulate matter,
was pricking instead-when u had asked-sorry I lied,
so that it would make you both feel stronger and better.
Do take care of yourself and Pa, dear mother,
all else is fine-will join you both some time later.


  1. save it for the day when you will leave for mumbai :)

  2. ma'am, would you please help me with some vocab sessions??
    and BTW, your poem was good. . .
    i call everything good that seems to be good and is beyond my levels of understanding!!
    but i encourage you to write and show more of these here. . .

  3. thank you sir......thanks for ur appreciation!!!....but it would have been better if u would have tried to feel the poem instead of seeing just the vocabs...nice to get a sweet comment like that!!!